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Our bodies are full of complex systems and processes that interact with one another in countless ways. When you get sick or experience suboptimal health, there are often multiple factors in play. Addressing these factors via a thoughtful, holistic approach is the only way to get you back to your regular vim and vigor.

At TM360 MedSpa, we practice functional medicine, a discipline that’s all about finding the root cause of illness and understanding the complex mix of factors that determine physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. When patients join us in our Sarasota, FL office, we help them arrive at a sophisticated diagnosis of their overall health, taking measurements and genetic tests, counseling them on proper nutrition, and more.

Through our emphasis on functional medicine, we provide our patients with an opportunity to find out what’s really keeping them from looking and feeling their best... and then, offering some comprehensive solutions.

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  • They were very thorough in their consultation, I felt very taken care of. I have dreamed of eastern and western medicine coming together, and here it is! A great team they have.

    — Angela's Pure Salon & Spa

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