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At TM360 MedSpa, we realize the importance of treating the whole body. We know that to fully address your physical or mental health concerns, it’s important to get the big picture, closely interrogating each of your bodily systems to get a well-rounded and complex view. This is all part of our emphasis on functional medicine, and one way in which we embody these principles to our patients is by offering a full spectrum of genetic testing. These tests allow us to get a better gauge of your nutrient levels, your hormones, and more, all of which help us shape medical treatments and weight loss plans that are just for you.

At our Sarasota, FL office, we proudly offer state-of-the-art lab testing for further investigation and diagnosis. Through our partners in testing, we gain insight into the specific area requiring treatment. Lab and genetic testing offer a thorough analysis and are beneficial to understand and heal you. Clients are increasingly educating themselves and looking for information about chronic conditions and the prevention of disease. We strive to help you get the information you need in order to make informed decisions about your health.

Genetic Testing Partners

In order to pinpoint your particular health concern and get you on the right path toward healing, TM360 MedSpa partners with four different state-of-the-art testing facilities:

  1. Genova Diagnostics
  2. SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc.
  3. Labrix
  4. Genomix Nutrition

Genova Diagnostics

Genova Diagnostics is an internationally renowned medical testing facility committed to the highest professional standards. Gain a more complete understanding of specific biological systems available to diagnose, treat, and prevent chronic disease. Genova Diagnostics offers tests that combine standard and innovative biomarkers designed to provide a more complete understanding of specific biological systems that can help practitioners diagnose and treat or prevent chronic disease. These tests are available only through licensed healthcare professionals.

SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc.

SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc. is a leading clinical laboratory specializing in personalized disease prevention and management solutions. Our pioneering nutritional and cardiometabolic testing, driven by state-of-the-art technology, assesses a spectrum of risk factors and biomarkers for optimum wellness. Through our dedication to research and development, SpectraCell also provides innovative solutions for hormone health and genetics.


Labrix’s saliva and urine testing reliably identify hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances. Hormones exist in harmony with each other – partners in a delicate balancing act. When levels of each hormone are in the right proportions, body systems are stable. When balance is lost, hormone deficiencies and excesses can become toxic to the body causing unwanted symptoms, disorders, and disease.

Here are some health concerns that Labrix can test for:

  • Adrenal Balance
  • Women’s Health
  • Menopause
  • Aging Brain
  • Memory Loss

Non-invasive hormone testing is the hallmark of Labrix. The simplicity of sample collection and stability of samples in storage and transport have made this ideal for clinical use as well as research.

Genomix Nutrition

Genomix Nutrition’s Personalized Nutrigenomic Testing is the most comprehensive nutrigenomics test available to validate your specific nutritional supplement needs. Nutrigenomic testing accurately identifies each patients’ genetic protein variations to identify sites of metabolic weakness. This testing uses a genetic panel that evaluates 26 of the most common, research-backed single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that can affect a patient’s ability to regain and maintain their metabolic functionality. Abnormalities in specific polymorphisms can negatively affect many physiological and metabolic processes. Overcoming these metabolic weaknesses with the right supplement allows each patient to overcome their genetic weaknesses (SNPs) and maintain optimal health.

A Genomix Nutrition test can help a patient achieve a level of confidence in the nutritional products they choose by:

  • Determining your unique nutritional needs based upon the DNA analysis of 26 SNPs in 5 key metabolic areas
  • Providing you with the nutritional supplement(s) needed for each specific genetic polymorphism (SNP)
  • Taking the “guesswork” out of complex biochemical pathways that may hinder nutritional delivery
  • Suggesting compressed formula options for better delivery and overall cost-effectiveness

Learn what nutrients your genes require and need for optimal functioning and health in a simple test that requires swabbing the inside of your cheek with a soft-bristled swab providing cutting edge and astonishing results.

Visit Our Genetic Testing Center in Sarasota, FL

Functional medicine means analyzing complex and interrelated bodily systems, determining all the underlying factors that could be shaping your health and wellbeing. In pursuit of this goal, it’s important to have as much data as possible, including genetic test results. TM360 MedSpa is pleased to offer a full genetic testing center in Sarasota, FL, and to work with lab testing partners who can help us provide patients with a comprehensive view of their current condition. To learn more we invite you to contact TM360 MedSpa.