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Medical Esthetician
Rhi Light

Rhiannon’s journey to find healing started about a decade ago after discovering she had late-stage, metastatic cancer. This propelled her towards a new path and new way of life consumed with information and education about what she was putting in and, on her body, and what thoughts she was feeding her mind. She followed her intuition and chose to treat her cancer with nutrition and a RADICAL lifestyle overhaul and NO chemo!

After healing herself of stage 3C cancer, she became ignited with an extreme passion to help others find healing for their body, mind and spirit. She went on to study Holistic Nutrition and has been a Coach since 2014 helping cancer patients and those with other various conditions. Her core belief is Let Food be Thy Medicine but she also understands the impact of trauma and its effects on the emotional/energetic states of the mind & body +dis-ease manifestation. The healing of the emotional wounds that oftentimes go hand in hand with dis-ease is something she has a very special place in her heart for.

Rhiannon has lived on both sides and is here to share with others how to truly feel good in your body. A decade in and she is still consumed with learning and growing and healing so that she can share with others to help create a ripple effect in the world that changes our planet toward a more harmonious and compassionate place!

With almost 20 years’ experience in Aesthetics and a decade of Holistic Nutrition and Mind/Body Therapies, Rhiannon is here for your Therapeutic Facials, Reiki, Body Sculpting, Massage, Colonics and Nutrition!

Rhiannon is native to Florida but has lived in beautiful Colorado where she fell in love with hiking and nature. She also moved to Ecuador for a little while where she was tucked away in a small town in the middle of the Andes mountains where she spent many days just being in the garden, meditating and communing with GOD. Rhiannon is married to a wonderful husband and has 2 stepdaughters. In her free time, she loves to spend time with family, dance, hike, sing, practice yoga, be in the garden, spend time in nature and with animals, meditate and create!


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  • The office staff were very welcoming and the waiting room was comfortable. They gave me a tour of the facility and then I spoke with the doctor. He explained everything and asked if I had any questions. He took the time to understand my problems and had read my medical records prior to meeting with me. I highly recommend.

    — Patti Sullivan Schmidt

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