Every man wants to maintain full sexual health for as long as he can. Not only does sexual functionality play a huge role in self-confidence, but it is also critical for maintaining intimacy with your partner or spouse. And of course, robust sexual health can also bring immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Sadly, lifelong sexual health is not guaranteed. Many men may find their ability to get an erection, or to enjoy full sexual arousal, diminishing in middle age, often due to testosterone decline. Additionally, other health concerns, such as prostate cancer, can lead to impeded sexual functioning. At TM360 MedSpa, we are pleased to offer a range of holistic interventions that can restore our male clients to their full, youthful vigor, including EMSELLA®, a treatment for incontinence. We invite you to learn more about the sexual health treatments we offer to men in Sarasota, FL.

Sexual Health Treatment Options