Beauty Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season
12 / 19 / 16

Beauty Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

Looking and feeling your best at the holidays is the goal, yet stress, late nights, abundant sweets, and alcohol can work against our best intentions. Here are a few tips to help you feel and look your best.

Make your first beverage a water.

We can feel excited, or anxious, when we first arrive at a gathering. The purpose is to quench your thirst, give your hands something to do, and ready your stomach for snacks. We’re more likely to overfill our stomachs when we misinterpret thirst, or nervousness, for hunger. I personally love sparkling water. The bubbles add entertainment value, and many carbonated waters come with an essence of flavor, too. Water will help hydrate your system, especially your skin and intestines.

Have “Mocktails” in place of Cocktails.

Tonic water and cranberry juice with a squeeze of lime tastes, looks, and feels like an ‘adult beverage.’  I call it the “Mock-squito,” a nod to when we flavored tonic water with quinine as an anti-malarial treatment. Basil-Lemonade is a crowd-pleasing blend for hosting:  2 parts Lemonade, 1 part seltzer water and about 12-18 fresh basil leaves. Muddle or rip the basil into the lemonade. Top with seltzer when the guests arrive. Basil-Lemonade has a lovely presentation in a spigot carafe, too.

Eat your veggies! 

Remember that scene in Gone with the Wind? Even Scarlett O’Hara had to eat before she went to a party. Have a salad or a protein shake before your party. Knowing you’ve met your nutritional requirements is satisfying and it will also help protect you from sugar spikes and less nutritious treats. Too much sugar damages our skin collagen, making it less elastic and leading to lines and wrinkles.

Bring or serve a veggie plate. 

Colorful, crunchy vegetables with dip offer a healthier alternative to tortilla, pita or potato chips.  Remember, just because something is savory or salty doesn’t mean it’s not a carbohydrate/starch that will quickly convert to sugar. Check out Pinterest or Facebook for veggie plate presentation ideas that will wow the crowd.  Vegetables will also balance those meaty appetizers that are more difficult to digest. Negative impacts to our digestion reflects in our faces as puffy bags under eyes, dark circles, a heavier, puffy look, uneven skin tone, and pale or splitting lips.

Know When to Go; Plan your Exit.  

As much fun as it can be to stay out late for the revelry and festivities, chances are you won’t miss the best memories of the night. Between Facebook and Instagram, they’ll be there in the morning for your review. My grandma wisely advised to leave the party on a high note. Late nights take a toll on our entire system.  Our bodies repair and heal while we sleep, and we’ve all seen how throwing our sleep cycles off shows on our faces the next day.

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