It’s not uncommon to have unwanted or unsightly elements on your skin; this may be an age spot, a wrinkle, or simply some awkwardly-placed hair. Through the use of intense pulsed light, or IPL, it’s possible to remove these blemishes, allowing you to enjoy clear, healthy skin.

IPL treatments work differently than traditional laser procedures. Normally, a laser focuses a single wavelength of light on your skin. With IPL, light is released along several different wavelengths. The effect is not unlike a photo flash.

The upshot of this is that IPL is a little broader, more scattered than other forms of laser treatment. What this means is that it is able to penetrate deeper into the skin, without risking damage to the outer layer of your skin. IPL skin treatments can be both more effective and less dangerous than other laser procedures.

We’re pleased to provide IPL treatments to our patients here in Sarasota, including those looking to clear up their skin and those looking to get rid of their unwanted hair. Our treatment options include photofacials, IPL hair removal, and Harmony LITE skin rejuvenation. Treatments are usually quick and come with minimal discomfort. Contact us with any additional questions about IPL skin treatments or laser hair removal at TM360 MedSpa.



IPL Skin Treatments & Hair Removal Services