For many of our clients, hair loss is an all-too-familiar problem. Men and women alike struggle with thinning hair, an issue that can arise at any point in life, often with little warning. Specific causes of hair loss range from genetic factors to lifestyle issues, from autoimmune disorders to nutrient deficiencies. Regardless of what’s causing your hair loss, the outcome is never welcome. And for generations, the options for hair restoration have been frustratingly limited.

The good news is that hair restoration has advanced by leaps and bounds, just in the past few years. Today, there are remarkable treatments available that can restore you to a full head of healthy hair, without requiring a transplant or any kind of surgical intervention.

At TM360 MedSpa, we are pleased to offer a holistic approach to hair restoration, presenting our clients with proven and effective solutions for reversing the effects of hair loss. We are thrilled to provide a non-surgical hair solution here in Sarasota, FL.

Our Approach to Hair Restoration

Historically, the options for hair restoration have fallen into a couple of categories. On the one hand, there are options to effectively conceal baldness with replacement hair; think wigs, toupees, and hair systems. While these options can sometimes look okay, they never feel truly permanent… and at best, they are just cosmetic fixes to a deeper biological problem.

Alternatively, some hair restoration treatments seek to stimulate the follicles and clean up the scalp. That’s how most of the popular anti-baldness creams and topical solutions work, along with laser therapies. While these methods can often work well for curbing future hair loss, they do not necessarily help restore what’s been lost.

What we offer at TM360 MedSpa is a third way. We believe that hair loss is often the manifestation of deeper problems in the body, and our solution treats it as such. We are proud to use your body's own plasma in conjunction with a state-of-the-art treatment called Wharton’s jelly, which replenishes some of the body’s most essential nutrients… including the ones that are associated with natural healing and growth.

Plasma and Wharton’s jelly can aid in new tissue growth, and when administered strategically, it can help revive your follicles and stimulate brand new growth. This is a groundbreaking stage in non-surgical hair restoration, providing men and women alike with an opportunity to actually generate healthy new hair growth. And best of all, plasma and Wharton’s jelly uses natural and cellular components, providing a truly healthy and holistic remedy for hair loss.

Hair Restoration at TM360 MedSpa

Is plasma and Wharton’s jelly hair restoration right for you? The best way to find out is by joining us for a consultation here in our Sarasota, FL practice. During a private consultation, we’ll not only talk through your medical history but also evaluate your scalp and potentially order some lab work. All of this helps us assemble a more detailed picture of your overall health and wellness concerns, including the different factors that may contribute to your hair loss.

Based on all of this data, we will be better positioned to develop a holistic treatment plan that accounts for any genetic, nutritional, or environmental health concerns. In short, we can put together a road map toward total hair restoration, custom-made just for you.

Take the First Step Toward Hair Restoration

Nobody wants to lose their hair. Thankfully, there are sophisticated ways to help with hair loss, without the need for an invasive transplant or a finicky wig. To find out more about holistic hair restoration in Sarasota, FL, we welcome you to contact us directly. Schedule an appointment with TM360 MedSpa at your next opportunity.